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Ancient Astronaut Thoery. (Part 3 of 3)

In a remote area of the Pacific Ocean lies one of the most isolated and inhabited locations of the world, Eastern Island. Here over 800 stone guardians called Movai stand here and watch over the island’s coastline. But are they just some primitive native carvings or are they inspired portraits of some reality which was happening there thousands of years ago?

One of the things that comes into considerations that ancient cultures could have accomplished, is weather they were able to write, depict or express in some way possible. When we look for tangible evidence of there innovativeness or there methods or reasons or the conditions behind their works, then that’s what we believe some how. In Egypt the texts, the depictions, through which we get a lot of ideas of how and all by which they build or inspired from. But in somewhere like Eastern islands, we don’t have really any written evidence of what they did, and sometimes that leads us to question of their innovativeness.

Three thousand miles away, in the Republic of Bolivia, stone work exists which is amazingly similar to the statues of Eastern island. Tiwanaku is infact so ancient that it defies modern dating techniques. It is estimated it might be seventeen thousand years old. Even perhaps the oldest city in the world. And somehow the sculptures at Tiwanaku were constructed in the same style and with the same enigmatic expressions as there distant cousins on the Eastern islands. A lot of the remains in Tiwanaku one can see in the earlier and latter civilizations all the way back to Peru etc, we can see some of the same patterns, some of the same iconography, the imagery and also the ancestry of it.

A few hundred yards away from Tiwanaku, there lies perhaps the most mystifying of all ancient sites, Puma Ponku, is a field of stone ruins is both thrilling and stimulating. It’s the best proof of ancient astronaut theory. While the Pyramids at Giza are considered incredible feet of achievement, compared to Puma Ponku, the pyramids are child play. Logic doesn’t exists in Puma Ponku, because here we have megalithic structures, which just lie above this entire site as if ripped apart.

The blocks of Puma Ponku were so finely cut that they once perfectly interlocked on another.

Graphical model is shown bellow.

But with the nearest quarry over 10 miles away, how did this collusive stones some weighing hundreds of tons even get there, the fact that its an highland, we are talking about the place which is  4000 meters over see level, that means there wouldn’t be plantation habitat up there which would be used as rollers. Out of any monuments, Puma Ponku takes the crown, because what’s found there is so inexplicable, very unachievable. Now the question remains how was it done and for what purpose? Many archeologists say they were built by Imora Indians. Now we all have to agree that in order to build something like Puma Ponku, one needs writing, planning and ideas and clear knowledge of which place, which piece goes where and how ultimately all fits together. But there is one thing that all the archeologists agree upon is that Imora didn’t have any writing. Then how was it possible that they built it without any plan?

And moreover there are actual evidence of machining, not only in the transportation of the massive blocks, but also in the carving and grooving of them.
Some platforms are 800 tons, and they are so smoothly polished. And there are some megalithic stones which possess grooves, which are just few millimeters. Which definitely cannot be made with Stone Age chisels, that too very precisely and accurately. There must be clearly some technology behind it. The lines cut into this rocks are exactly straight and precisely the same depth from one end the other.

One of the most intruding things there is that the stones which were used there aren’t sand stones etc, they are granites and diorites. The only stone that’s harder than diorite is diamond. The only way this carving could have been achieved is if the tools were tipped with diamonds, how is this possible even if we consider those people to have moved/crossed a step out of the Stone Age? Yet what they were doing are things that we can’t even do today. And still they did it? In such a precise way?

But just trying on uncovering the mystery on how these incredible structures were build, would only solve one piece of the puzzle. But finding out why they were build, and for which purpose and how they were used, poses equally compelling questions. Questions which cannot be answered here on earth.

Did aliens really inspire the ancestors, ancient temples and monuments? And if they came here, then besides the architectural proofs, did the leave behind any advanced knowledge of physics, astronomy, or mathematics? If so is there any evidence that still remains to this day?

One example might be this one.

Often described as the world’s very first mechanical computer, dating back over to two thousand years. It was found in 1900 by divers, diving off the small island called Antikythera, there was a ship wrecked there, and in it was a box made of metal alloys where this was found, since then it was kept in Athens Museum. And about 50 years later when they x-rayed this box, and this is what they found.

When they had enough knowledge of what it is in the present technology, they reconstructed it.

It was really a very sophisticated mechanical machine even if compared to this present generation.
It was really an interesting piece of technology because it served two purposes, one, it was an astronomical device where one can chat their position with respect to the stars and sky and navigate through the seas, and other is that it can be used as an astrological device, like to predict about certain things when planets are in various alignment. So when compared to the present technology, it was far too developed at that time. And how come it was created at those times. And who could have created that.

In Egypt, at Dendera, there is an underground crypt. This was always highly secret and only the high priests had access to that crypt. Its very hot in there, very narrow, low ceiling, especially very dark. And on the walls there are relives of what looks like ancient light bulbs.

We have to question one thing, how did the ancient Egyptians light the inside of their tombs and temples. According to many archeologists, torches were used to walk through those pitch black chambers, yet no where on the ceilings there is even a slightest evidence of smoke residue. If torches were not used, then how else can be the ancient rooms and hall ways can be illuminated.
There were theories proposed that the light was reflected from outside into insides by copper mirrors, and indeed this was recreated this theory but unfortunately they failed because only after a few corners the sunlight dissipated because the copper mirrors were too weak.
Also there isn’t enough oxygen inside the tombs with which to support or to feed a flame of a torch.
Then how were the insides of their temple lit? The only solution is some source of artificial light.

But if the ancient Egyptians had used some kind of electric light t illuminate their passage, then why the visual evidence exist only in the temple at Dendera?
The answer is, in Egyptian civilization we find different areas of specialties, like division of labor, and Dendera was the area where the knowledge and of power was kept, which is why the source of light, this secret was only depicted at the wall of the temple at Dendera only as the knowledge was kept with the high priests, so they are the only ones who are privileged to this type of information.

Now the question arises that how the ancient Egyptian had used the modern day light bulb without electricity? After all, electricity wouldn’t have been discovered for the next thousands of years. That is of course, with the exception of what the scientists call The Baghdad Battery. These were discovered at ancient Iraq in 1938, about a dozen of them, dated upto two thousand year old. Inside it, it had copper and iron rods, very much similar to a modern battery.

A question arises, that battery was discovered, and its working is as similar to that of modern day’s batteries, so what?
Everybody agrees it to be a battery and everyone knows that, but did anyone really tried to find why they made it and how they made it?
Electrical current, that too several years ago, its very strange, but clearly we know it’s a battery and how does it work.
The whole idea of ancient civilization actually had knowledge of electric battery and used it, is an accepted archeological fact today. Just like in our own civilization, 200 yrs ago, Benjamin Franklin and other scientists began experimenting with simple electrical devices. We now have evidence that over three thousand years ago people might also experimenting with electrical devices (Like figures bellow), where it might led them? What other discoveries were they able to create?

Tombs, temples, ancient light bulbs, even electricity, here on earth exits architectural and technological wonders, centuries before we ever believed them possible. But id evidence of ancient astronauts exits here on earth, then what about elsewhere? Might we find what we are looking for by looking in the sky?

In the ancient city of Teotihuacan in Mexico, evidence suggest that ancient culture possessed an incredibly accurate knowledge our neighboring planets. Some scholars have even interpreted the number and orientation of its pyramids to perfectly reflect a model of our own solar system.
Along the Avenue of the Dead, the pyramids there align exactly in perfect distance of each of the orbits of our planets in our solar system

And the large Pyramid of the Sun is centered at the centre of the other structures. Reflecting the fact that our sun is at the centre of the solar system, and that the planets revolve around it. And this fact was never known at that time until much much later. But just how could the Teotihuacan’s designers know on there own that too so early that the planets in our solar system revolve around the sun and that too the distances of each planet so precisely?

To those who say this is another coincidence that these pyramids aligned with the planets of our solar system, interestingly enough, if we go into other side of the earth, in Britain, to Stonehenge, we have another ancient site, which is way older by the way than Teotihuacan, where if we look at the Stonehenge from above, one can see that these are all concentric circles, and each of this circles corresponds exactly with the orbit of all the planets in our solar system. So we have clearly two places on earth which have the came thing stretched oceans apart.

Nowadays, Stonehenge also been interpreted by archeologists to be a kind of astronomical calendar, one which could be used to calculate events such as the solar eclipses, if that is indeed the fact,  then whoever aligned these massive stones on English landscape would have to had a precise astronomical of the path knowledge of the sun.

At Tikal, the stone temples were built in 7th and 9th centuries, towers more than 200 feet above the land. It’s the largest excavation sights in the world and thousand of structures are still remaining buried in the jungle. It was first settled in 600 BC and flourished for 1500 years, creating one of the most scientifically advanced civilization on earth of the time. According to most scientists, Tikal’s pyramids played an essential roll in helping the Mayans to device their calendar (Fig:84). By aligning the side lines between the highest points (Fig:82) of the structures (Fig:83), ancient astronomers, could pin point the most important dates of the year, such as the upcoming equinox or solstice.

Figs: 82


Fig: 83

Fig: 84

But, what also excites is that how precisely and perfectly the layout of Tikal’s pyramids correlate to the stars of the Pleiades Arian region of the sky. The over head view of the structures almost exactly mirrors the alignment of the constellation. 

This very alignment has been spotted very far from Tikal, much much farther, rather on another planet, recently discovered on Mars, a cluster of land forms, that offers a perfect replication of the pyramid pattern of Tikal. Two distinct locations, one unique pattern, coincidence or design?

At Tikal, the legend and their mythologies say that they had a time when their gods intermingled with the ancestors. And Tikal was said to be built at that very time and seem to have been built as a sign that they were visited by ET’s.

Now let me show the NASA’s pictures on the plane of Cydonia on Mars which is astonishing.

The face on the surface of the Mars resembles exactly to an Egyptian monument, The Sphinx.

Again another coincidence?

There is a Babylonian tablet dating back to 1581 B.C. This Babylonian tablet records past and future eclipses.

One of the most controversial technologies of the 21st century is genetic engineering; the ability to manipulate life at its most elemental levels offers great promise and great danger. There are clues in ancient Egypt only now rediscovered which point to astonishing mystery. Is it possible that secretes of genetic engineering thousands of years ago, that too not in simple cellular levels or only which have totipotency like plants, but also between mammals and higher taxon beings? These days it’s just moving genes between organisms, but was it that simple before? What it we have already faced the divesting impact of it? In Luxor, one of the greatest of all Egyptian cities. Here we find clues that genetic engineering would have been attempted thousands of years ago. Statues which in the form of humans and animal forms, sometimes two animal forms, are common in ruins of ancient Egypt. Legend says 11340 years ago their gods descended from heaven, theses created beasts, monsters, mixed creatures of all kind. They sometimes mention these gods as teachers from heaven, which means they obviously are ET’s.

This picture clearly depicts about gene manipulation, the central structure resembles as similar as the double helix structure of DNA.

Now a question arises, why should some ET civilization so such a thing? When know that some planets are hotter or some are cooler than the earth, so for ET’s would have different body to resist heat or cold, so they would have used our existing genetics (gene) and incorporated into a new form, and at the end, the monsters were the result.

Well, there are so many to mention, and this list goes on and on regarding the evidence present around us.
We never look up at the sky and enjoy the beauty of it. Ancient people wouldn’t have able to avoid looking at the sky. With no streetlights like these days, with now 60 watts bulbs and tube lights, the sky would be so dark, and starts would be so bright. With this they even relied on the sky for directions, for seasons for cultivations and for Varity of things. Today we have google maps, GPS, highways, roads; we don’t look at the sky, but they relied on it. Lets clear about one thing, out ancestors, they were not dummies, they were as smart as we are today.
Besides all these facts, countless indications, we also got so so so many proves of ET’s visitations to this planet. These are not just present at one place, but all around the world, in ancient cultures, mythologies and ancient legends. Everything shows that it happened. And if you look at all the pieces again, that’s the only conclusion you can draw.
But just why the ancient people so focused on the sky and the starts, were they waiting something to happen? Or perhaps someone to return?
Ridiculous? Insane? Ancient aliens visiting earth centuries ago? Building or guiding in building monuments?
But what if all of it turned out to be true? What would happen if just one piece of evidence turned up? One stone, one key, one visible, undeniable evidence? That can prove everything of it is true?
And if its all right, the what does it suggest about our future? If aliens visitors have come here before, wouldn’t they come again?

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