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Ancient Astronaut Thoery. (Part 2 of 3)

In South America of central Bolivia, there is a place called Samaipata, there unlocks a mystery, penetrating through the remote wilderness, there finally the mountains hide centuries old secret, which could relate the possibility of flight in ancient times. A strange mountain called El Forte jets into the sky. It predated even before 1400 BC. Its most distinctive feature of is a pair of parallel grooves, over a hundred feet long have been edged into the rock, they run bottom of the bare phase all the way to the top. When one looks into those grooves, they obviously point to the sky, its like an launching ramp to open air. For example, the aircraft must travel fast during take off for the wing to generate enough power to achieve flight, where the space of take off is limited like a deck of an aircraft carrier, a catapult must be used. Now on the top of the mountain, a circular structure with rectangular and triangular notches has been carved into the rocks which would have satisfied that power for acceleration. Bellow are the pictures of that mountain. 

Another compelling artifact was found (which is at the Istanbul Museum) Fig:49, where you can see an headless spaceman, sitting in some space vehicle, now the in Fig:50 you can see his hands, in Fig:51 you can see the tubing or some sort of devices, in Fig:52 you can see he is wearing a suite, his legs are crammed in it. Even to the untrained eyes, this looks very aerodynamic.

Fig: 49

Fig: 50

Fig: 51

Fig: 52

In Mexico, an archeological site of Polenca abounded for centuries before it was stumbled upon by the Spanish explorers, here, deep within a secret tomb, under one of the age old temples, there lays a seven tone sorcoficous, Polenca’s 7th century ruler, Procol the great. He was a giant, 7 to 8 feet tall. The pyramid in Fig:53, was build around his tomb, the Mayans worshiped him.

Fig: 53

Most believe that the tomb’s illustration shows that Procol was descending to the Mayian underworld. But look at the pictures very carefully.

Fig: 54

Fig: 55

Now when you see it, you can see a man sitting in some sort of capsule, there is a kind of breathing system near his nose, with his upper hand he is manipulating some controls and with his lower hand he is turning something on or tuning something. (Fig:56)

Fig: 56
The heel of his left foot is in/on a kind of paddle (Fig:57), And outside of the capsule there is an linking flame (Fig:58).

Fig: 57

Fig: 58

Overall, this is how we can depict at last. (Fig: 59 & 60)

Fig: 59

Fig: 60

Finally if you can see that its incredibly similar to the present days astronauts when they are in an space shuttle.
You can decide that is it just an artifact, or are they trying to depict what they are seeing at that time with their limited understanding.

When we see these primitive Mayan, they had very advanced calendar (Fig:61) and mathematical systems; they were so much obsessed with starts, why so? They were one of the most advanced ancient cultures. And yet they vanished around 500 AD. There were not traces since then, they don’t even have a record of what happened or to where they disappeared all of a sudden, hypothetically its believed they are ET’s, and they have left the planet; leaving their traces of their way of lives behind.

Fig: 61

In 1929, historians discovered a map which has been painted onto a piece of a Gisele Hiad; they trace the document back to a 16th century Turkish admiral named Piri Reis (Fig:63&64). But in contrast to other maps of that time (Fig:62); the map depicts land masses that were still unexplored at those time. It shows the cost of Antarctica exactly as it exists currently under the ice cover (Fig:65). Its amazing because this map was made at a time when Antarctica was ice free, which was many millions of years ago. The map accurately charts the costs of Europe and North Africa (Fig:66). But the illustration of the northern Antarctica, what truly astonishes the historians, for this region wouldn’t have been discovered for another 300 years. This land is generally covered with a mile of thick ice, and we didn’t have ground penetrating radars until 1958, so for a map to exist in 1531 accurately showing its geography is indeed surprising. When cartographers superimpose Peary Rees map over a modern map of the world, it was astonishing (Fig:67), they were amazed to discover that the ancient chart was fantastically accurate in even most minute details (Fig:68). But how could the creators of the centuries old map have known of mountains and rivers that had yet to be discovered (Fig:69)? We don’t think in 1531 there were people who can fly over the surface of the earth high enough to map the land how they see underneath the eye. People, as we know couldn’t have gone to Antarctica and explore it, but they were able to draw these maps of it.

Fig: 62

Fig: 63

Fig: 64

Fig: 65

Fig: 66

Fig: 67

Fig: 68

Fig: 69

But if ancient aliens posses the technology to travel the universe, then the only evidence of the journey be in the form of a few carvings, painting, literature or mysterious maps? Wouldn’t there also be in sighs of a highly advanced technology? Signs that might be too large to overlook.
For two and half million years ancient ancestors had been living in caves passing the time by living a normal life, hunting, or bashing the stones together. Then suddenly everything changed and people began to build huge monuments, paint, carve, depict, learn to express, etc all over the planet. But how and why? It’s the biggest mystery in human history. How did the ancestors build incredible monuments that defy understanding even today? It requires not only the wisdom for build these but also the technology to make it happen. Even yet we present generation haven’t got a way to explain how would that be build with our present knowledge, then how can the stone age people can to that?
All over the earth there are giant stone monuments, almost everyone knows they were created thousands of years ago.
For example: How could early Egyptians could learn to stake nearly two and a half million lime stone and granite blocks that create a great pyramid of Giza (Fig:70), made in 20 years and which is lined up exactly with the north pole less than 1/10 th of an degree act. So for the historians, ancient Egyptians are terrible clever, worked very fast and very hard to complete all those works within 20 year.
Another example: Take Stonehenge (Fig:71), how did bronze age Brittan’s drag these five ton stones over 170 miles, and that too lay on one another at those times? And especially in the alignment of the in solar system?
How could ancient builders at Cusco (Fig:72) fit the stones so closely together that even a razor blade can’t fit between them? That too without any binding material or cement.

Fig: 70

Fig: 71
 Fig: 72

 When we see the ancient monuments around the world display hyper brilliance that don’t attribute to ancient man, the ones who are living in clay huts and using stone tools, how can they have the advance technology, mathematics and geometry to lay out some of the sights that we can see today?

Lets talk about the most controversial, most familiar, most mysterious and the most megalithic structure of all the world is the great pyramid of Giza, the oldest and largest of Egypt’s three great pyramids, have been around since 2560 BC.

To cut, transport and put into its place two million large stones in 20 years, that too by normal human strength? See that now the stones are so finely aligned, the architecture is so precise, that even the modern people today, modern engineers, with great technology would have a difficult time being that good. The enormous size and weight of the stone, multiplied by the sheared number of them makes one thing certain, the construction of this monument remains one of the greatest monuments and marvels of architecture engineering.

In the ancient Egyptian texts clearly speak that the ancient pyramid structures were build by the human beings with the ‘assistance’ of the “guardians of the sky”. Finally this proves that these might have been build by human hands, but by the emphasis, knowledge and technology of ET’s.

As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the great pyramid remains not only an archeological but also an geographical marvel. In 1877, its demonstrated that the great pyramid resides at the intersections of the longest line of latitude and the longest line of longitude (Fig:73), the exact centre of all the land mass on the entire world. Also, each of its four sides aligns almost precisely with the four points of the compass (Fig:74). At that time, there was no such an instrument designed, until thousands of years later.


 Now if you have notion that its just a mere coincidence about this pyramid being built only in Egypt, the lets go half way around the world, and see its evolvement. There are pyramids in remote pacific islands (Fig:75), in India (Fig:76), in Mexico (Fig:77). Can anyone explain how the similar cultures, the similar ideologies has been evolving through different parts of the world though being oceans apart? How are the building the same structures, and in many ways the same way. 

Fig: 75

Fig: 76

                                                                          Fig: 77
In New Mexico, there stands an ancient city dating back to more than two thousand year. Its name is Teotihuacan, literally means, City of the Gods. Located at its centre is the Pyramid of the Sun (Fig:78). Incredibly, the perimeter of this pyramid is virtually the same as that of The Great Pyramid of Giza (Fig:79). A structural coincidence again? Of both were inspired but the same designers?

Fig: 78

Fig: 79

There is another pyramid in Teotihuacan, it’s The Pyramid of the Moon (Fig: 80&81). Legends say that these pyramids were build for their giant Gods.

Fig: 80

 Fig: 81

Now here arises a question, why build such incredible monuments? The answer can be found in ancient Egyptian texts, its written that the purpose of building such pyramids, was to store the knowledge. They contained 300 books, which allegedly contained the knowledge of the universe dictated by the ‘Guardians of the Sky’. And we also find the paintings, depictions on its walls.

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