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Ancient Astronaut Thoery – Ancient World And The Aliens. (Part 1 of 3)

On a clear night the naked eye can see about 4,500 stars. The telescope of even a small observatory makes nearly two million star.
Visible and a modern reflecting telescope brings the light from thousands of millions more to the viewer-specks of light in the Milky Way. But in the Colossal dimensions of the cosmos our stellar system is only a tiny part of an incomparably larger stellar system of a cluster of Milky Ways, containing some twenty galaxies within a radius of 1 1/2 million light years (1 Light year = the distance traveled by light in a year, i.e. 186,000 x 60 x 24 x 365 miles). And even this vast number of stars is small in comparison with the many thousands of spiral Nebulae disclosed by the electronic telescope. Disclosed up to the present day, I should emphasize, for research of this kind is only just beginning.

On the July 20th of 1969, Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to land on the moon, just like aliens visiting the moon (with respect to it). Its been the stuff of science fiction. Now after this, everything that could be imagined seemed possible. If mankind cud travel the skies and go to other planetary bodies, then why couldn’t the beings from other planets visit the earth?
Amidst of all the UFO sightings, a new theory emerged that aliens indeed have visited the earth. If so, then wouldn’t there be proves? Perhaps there are, and all we need to do is to open our eyes and our imaginations. May be the proof perhaps is all around us.
In 2002 The Mars Odyssey Spacecraft detected enormous reservoirs of ice beneath the Martian surface, the presence of ice and the possibility of water suggested that life could be sustained or even generated on another planet, After decades of orbiting space shuttles and robotic rovers, the idea of sending back man into space to Mars and beyond ignited the imagination and brought back the notion that mankind and alien beings had crossed paths before.

Lets point to some tangible evidence: How for example could a centuries old map can chart a land mass that is recently been discovered? This map was made at a time when Antarctica was ice free, which would be many millions of years ago.
Another example: How could a primitive civilization know how to hornets electricity? Or even build an ancient computer? And for whom those mysterious designs only visible only from very high altitude intended for?
How did the ancestors have experienced the power of flight in the ancient times before the airplanes were invented?

If Alien beings form other planet really did visit the earth thousands of years ago, the how would the ancient ancestors tried communicated with them? And wouldn’t there be some physical evidence of the time spent here?

One answer may lie on the Nazca desert in Peru, there atop an erode platoon that stretches for nearly 50 miles, countless geometric pattern and figures (Fig: 1-16) decorate the landscape. When flown over this desert, one can see some lines, the lines look like airstrips, and they start abruptly and end so (Fig: 1, 2 & 3). The longest of it is 23 kilometers, not in curves but straight away (Fig: 2). And in midst of large lines and small lines, one can see gigantic figures on the ground, figures of fishes (Fig:4), spider (Fig:6), monkey (Fig:5), apes (Fig:7) and many more, by the dimensions of the size, one can see them only from the air. People build them or somebody build them hundreds and hundreds of years ago perhaps may be even thousands of years ago. They don’t erode, because the conditions and the weather on the top of the plain on Peru are such that there is no wind, and they don’t wither away. And why exactly people would do this? 'Please land here' kindda a things? But it clearly seems that they are trying to signal people on above or air or flying around etc

Fig: 1

Fig: 2

Fig: 3

Fig: 4

Fig: 5

Fig: 6

Fig: 7

Fig: 8

Fig: 9

Fig: 10

Fig: 11

Fig: 12

Fig: 13

Fig: 14

Fig: 15

Fig: 16

A new discovery was made about Fig:17&18, it was nothing like rest of the figures. This can be hypothesized that something would have landed over there with that shape, and when it went away, the ancient Nazcan’s would have made something equivalent to that, as an invitation of something like that which went away to come back.
It can also be hypothesized as some kindda navigational beacon (Fig which is immediately after Fig:18), which could guide the ET’s back to earth.

Fig: 17

Fig: 18

Fig: 19

Fig: 20

Fig: 21

In world war 2, American troops created air bases on the remote Pacific islands (Fig:22), to natives who have never witnessed an advance technology the sight of giant metal birds (planes) touching down, looked to them like their Gods had turned the earth into a planetary pit stop, the just saw the giant planes landing or taking off, the never knew the actual technology, and more importantly what they liked about it was that they were getting free stuff, cargo (which included western foods etc), and when the war was over the troops abandoned the bases and the disfunctioning planes etc, and when they were gone, the islanders they would go to the airstrips and made mock wooden aero plane (Fig:23) to try and get those planes to come back and to give them those utilities they used to receive from dropped cargo again. Now we can see the analogy with the modern islanders plays exactly as the ancient astronauts scenario where something like this might have easily happened in the past and they might have got led to some serious superstitious beliefs which inturn might have developed with time.

Fig: 22

Fig: 23

Gigantic geoglifes was not the only mystery surrounding Naska, Fig:24 proves that this mountain was made flat artificially, because when its compared with the mountains around there, those were all peaked, i.e. they had their summits, where as this mountain doesn’t. And the interesting thing about that was, the rumbles of that summit of the mountaintop was no where, not in the valley bellow or on the top of it. And the strips, the lines contained white matter, when the soil of it was geographically tested; and found that it was crystalline glass. For excavation, it was not allowed because the natives consider it very sacred place.

Fig: 24

Now another question arises, if really a visiting E.T’s were landing there, then why only that desert without any habitat? Lets say hypothetically that, when a spaceship arrives to a new planet, and wants to find out what the planet consist of besides the normal atmosphere, then Nazca would be the perfect place for some sampling or for experimentation because Nazca; even today is one of the abundant areas in the world regarding raw materials, from gold to uranium, everything, its like if one wants to study about the planet earth, Nazca would be the best place, as every material to mineral converge there at high volumes.
One can also ask a question, that why not Nazca’s art on the ground was just another expression of some artistic impulse? Is it really outlandish to believe? Answer is, such a large scale work of art, the gigantism of that designs and the measurement throughout the scale wouldn’t have been possibly created for the merely for the possibility of creating it. They are so huge, an inhumanly vast, they can only be admired by those who are capable of flight.

In ancient times, people when they write something unusual, something inhumanly uncommon, the correct word is Supernatural, they use myth and metaphoric images to describe their experience, as obviously they don’t have that technology of today’s world to understand and distinguish. They write out of there own context, to the end of there own knowledge to make sense of what they see. When all those which people at that time where writing down, writing was fairly new invention. Whatever they write down at does times was actually something which happens to them, something which was so important, was so compelling, so significant to them that they had to put it in writing. I am saying all this because in the present world we don’t look as the thing which is actually infront of us, which very clearly proves about the E.T’s phenomenon. Almost every ancient religion has the similar beliefs and theories that those with spectacular powers and abilities who come to earth and directly influence the lives of men. They give orders, sometimes force, or sometimes guide. And if the people of ancient civilizations were familiar with space travelers, if they were in communication with human like beings with other planets, then we are suppose to find evidence for this, which we do find indeed. Now lets go through an ancient Sanskrit epic books, which have numerous descriptions of “Vimana” of mythical flying machines, one of its very last accounts dates back to over five thousand years. In the Bhagawath Purana, there is a description of a spacecraft, it was described to be made of metal, it was also mentioned to be at two places at once, it had a motion similar to that of a butterfly (Fig:25), and these descriptions are consistent with what people report about the UFO’s today. In other Sanskrit texts such as Mahabharata, Rig Veda and Ramayana (Fig:26) there can be found descriptions of Vimana measuring as wide as 100 feet (Fig:27), and often equipped with the capabilities of the modern aircrafts (Fig:28). One Vimana which was clearly mentioned produces a shaft of light which when focused on a target consumed it with its power (Fig:29).

 Fig: 25

Fig: 26

Fig: 27

Fig: 28

Fig: 29

Fig: 30

Fig: 31

Frankly, none can just deny that these descriptions are just simple imaginations even though they were written thousands of years ago most of them still match to what many people today report in terms of observing the actions of UFO’s.

Well until now I could tell you in a shortened manner that how can ET visitation can be drawn upon two kinds of examples and proves, one, there is the evidence you can read such as found in ancient texts, and the there is the evidence you can actually see among the earliest types of the physical specimens, numerous caves and rock drawings and stone sculptures found all over the globe.

There is a saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, if u see an ancient painting on a wall you would get a thousand ideas, ideologies, solutions, questions and also answers. If you see in the Fig: 32-45, each of these ancient illustrations and statues depict figures dressed in strange tier for that time, and especially bearing an unusual head gear. Could they be the real representation of the alien astronauts? All over the world we have statues, sculptures, paintings and depictions of these ET beings. For example if you see Fig:32 and 41-43, we find paintings at different places around the world having nearly the same figures with weird looking creatures with antenna on there heads and helmets. Especially in the Fig; 42 (found in USA) & 43 (found in Australia), which are half way around the world, we have exact same depictions of those helmeted being. Now what did the ancient people see that they were compelled to put these on their cave walls. Now the most important sculpture is in Fig: 45, its unbeatably similar to a modern day astronaut, if u see it carefully, its wearing a helmet, with some steamed receivers, there is an mouth piece, and at the end at the chest there are some kind of controlling system or breathing apparatus. Now how is this possible that this could depict so precisely about an present day astronaut that too 1500 years ago, how is that possible?

Fig: 32

Fig: 33

Fig: 34

Fig: 35

Fig: 36

Fig: 37

Fig: 38

Fig: 39

Fig: 40

Fig: 41

Fig: 42

Fig: 43

Fig: 44

Fig: 45

In Columbia there were found thousands of tomb artifacts, dated back to 800 BC, that resembled as a modern day air planes. See it carefully (Fig: 47&48), it has fixed wings, and especially it has an upright tail fin, which is not intrinsic to nature, but its clearly intrinsic to modern day aerodynamics, did the ancient people see something like that flying in the air and imitated it? Absolutely yes.

Fig: 46

Fig: 47

Fig: 48

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