Friday, July 25, 2014

Can Religiosity be Genetic or Hereditary?

If you can believe it or not, spirituality is now an genetically determined aspect. A gene commonly known as "God gene" which is specific to the expression of VMAT2 (vesicular monoamine transporter 2), acts by altering monoamine levels. This predisposes a person to spiritual experience and are provided with an innate sense of optimism.

Its found that a weak but seemingly genuine correlation between the presence of the VMAT2 gene and a tendency to feel connected to the world and a willingness to accept things that cannot be objectively demonstrated. Such tendency can be inherited, but the expression can be dependent of the trigger factors.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Basics Of Memory Retention and Long Term Memory.

In one of my previous posts i mentioned the importance of of "Spacing Effect" which says about the importance of timely and regular re-visiting of an event, memory, or aspect learnt.

This post is somewhat related to that, but in detailed manner. Now we all know that an aspect when perceived is encoded so that the outside worldly information reaches into our senses as physical and chemical stimuli, which is later subjected to storage and the managed; usually in and by hippocampus, which latter is kicks outta there and sent to the cortex. Finally in the cortex new pathways are produced to establish the memory. Finally when the memory is subjected to retrieval, the aspects gets recalled and recollected, they are strengthened over time.

So as a result the memory is strengthened or weekend over time depends on how often its visited, so more the memory is revised so much are the neurons are activated and the memory gets stronger (so much so that over time they even effect the emotions of a person). But if an memory is ignored to too long, its either lost, and sometimes its masked, this is what happens is some cases of incidents of psychological trauma.

You might have come across this common terminology called "memory palace" (method of loci), where a person uses technique of visualization to organize and recall information. The main aim of such method is to link the key ideas of a subject and then learn deeply in relation to each other, thinking of the key ideas of a subject in depth and rearranging the ideas in relation to an argument or an content. In short, the whole technique is to make sure all of them are arranged in a manner so that everything is interlinked logically and all these are accessed at once. Another benefit of such trick is to revisit every information even if the aim is to remember one simple memory.

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