Wednesday, December 5, 2012

She is My Love N Heart

Today shall always be my memorable one,
Today will always be my ideal day for coming ones.
Today I came home with Her tear drops on my shirt,
Today she spoke with a broken yet an trusting heart.
May be today I found You, And I will never let You go.

All the time which i spent with you,
Of all the moments you were around,
They were all filled with love and patience,
These cannot be seen by none but me.

How many dreams, dreamt and forgotten,
With love in heart i had my mind slain,
With that pretty girl, around me laughing,
Made in my heart a place to this being.

Sometimes Time passes and somewhere things are lost,
sometimes Walls are built and somewhere silence is broken,
sometimes Wars are fought and somewhere love still thrives.
It was my heart that was alone ones even where the one was with me,
But did i know now your heart has trusted me.

Hey, atleast now settle your mind,
Calm your heart,
Come sit with me, cuddle me,
Open your heart, trust me and know my heart too,
Cuddle me in, look into my eyes, hold me in your arms,
Let your heart be pressed into my chest, your breath against my neck,
Come and know me more than anyone ever did or ever can,
Give me that feeling that either can never forget,
Lets know that its called Love.

Kiss me once and fall in love,
Let me be your safety,
I have fallen for your eyes,
Let your heart feel that,
Let my make you feel how i love you.

We shall cherish and flourish,
Because we felt every feeling together,
From strangers to friends, from friends to trust ones,
And now to love, love to lust and beyond all is a feeling of Truth as in One.
Thats how we realise, know and define each other.

Kiss me now, and you shall fall in love,
Your heart feels too, your mind knows it too........

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