Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time Cloak

Theoretically its being said that it would be possible to create a “time cloak” that could render entire events unreachable.
The principle is to create something that could deflect all the light beams influenced by the object to create a space where all information about an object disappears. Theoretical physicists proposed splitting a light beam into two segments moving at different speeds can create a disconnection.
The proposed above, results a gap of complete darkness opening up between them. The experiment would theoretically then conclude by bringing the two segments back together so that it would seem like the gap never even existed, thereby creating a “time gap”.
By Jan 2012, a 7 inch cylinder, call 'the cloak' was made. It has ability to be hidden from microwaves at every angle. Instead of causing waves of light to bend around it, this “time cloak” cancels out all the microwaves bouncing off of it.

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