Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Antibiotic Profiling / ARA / MAR

ARA (Antibiotic Resistance Analyses) and MAR (Multiple Antibiotic Resistance) are relatively new methods for determining the source of the sample.This method is used in multiple fields, for example, in localizing a source of contamination, or for segregation of r DNA's, and many many more. But right now i am about to concentrate of its application in forensics.

Usually when in a crime, we confirm a stain or a sample with respect to DNA, fingerprints, etc. But in the worst case scenario, when there is no finger print evidence and both the blood samples are of same DNA, the this method called "Antibiotic Profiling" comes into picture.

The main principle is that antibiotic resistance is not an absolute property. Even within a single species, strains can exhibit different degrees of antibiotic resistance, humans usually have some varying degrees of resistance to the types and concentrations of antibiotics used and the development of antibiotic resistance profiles or “fingerprints” makes identification of source. Methods used as, in short, primarily: Colony Forming Units counts, Respective Bacterial Population Profile method, etc, and then by gel electrophoresis for segregation under electric medium.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time Cloak

Theoretically its being said that it would be possible to create a “time cloak” that could render entire events unreachable.
The principle is to create something that could deflect all the light beams influenced by the object to create a space where all information about an object disappears. Theoretical physicists proposed splitting a light beam into two segments moving at different speeds can create a disconnection.
The proposed above, results a gap of complete darkness opening up between them. The experiment would theoretically then conclude by bringing the two segments back together so that it would seem like the gap never even existed, thereby creating a “time gap”.
By Jan 2012, a 7 inch cylinder, call 'the cloak' was made. It has ability to be hidden from microwaves at every angle. Instead of causing waves of light to bend around it, this “time cloak” cancels out all the microwaves bouncing off of it.

Philadelphia project or Project Rainbow

It sounds like science-fiction, but there was actually a campaign called Project Rainbow with the goal of making a ship invisible to enemies. Project Rainbow is also known as the Philadelphia project, and, though denied by the government, is a popular conspiracy theory.

Though the story of what happened is very detailed, contradictions make the likelihood of it actually occurring a bit sketchy. In theory, the project relies on science discovered by Albert Einstein about electromagnetic radiation and gravity. Those who believe the navy succeeding in turning a ship invisible think that electrical generators were used to bend light and cause the ship to disappear from sight!

Carl Meredith Allen was the main promoter of the theory about invisibility. Some people later said that he had a long history of mental illness. However, his story got enough attention from US officials, which propagated the myth of the Philadelphia experiment even more.

Many of those who forwarded the story and added to its popularity relied on his proof and research. For this reason, many experts discount the theory. They also state other physical laws that make the scientific evidence cited by promoters of the theory null. What do you think: could we really use physics to make an entire ship disappear?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Loneliness and Rejection is as good as Physical Abuse

There is an old saying that "words can indeed hurt you just as much as sticks and stones".

Recently scientists have evidences suggesting that some of the same neural machinery recruited in the experience of pain may also be associated with social, verbal and virtual separation or rejection.

Physiologically its seen that the dorsal column and spinothalamic tracts are stimulated causing the waves in the ones who are lonely resembling to that of the one who are under physical pain. And the perception is also by the same area of brain.

The study seems to indicate that the average person is wired to need social acceptance.
This explains why people wear something just because everyone else does, why it stings so much to be the last person picked for a game, and why people start knitting groups. It indicates that we have an inherent need for the company of others.

LSD as anti depressant and reduces anxiety

For ones who dont know whats LSD, its Lysergic acid diethylamide, abbreviated LSD or LSD -25, also known as lysergide, is a powerful hallucinogenic drug. LSD can distort perceptions of reality and produce hallucinations; the effects can be frightening and cause panic. Its being used in various experiments for researches in its ability to alter mood in humans.
LSD studies have suggested that it has helped advanced cancer patients reduce symptoms of anxiety, tension, depression, sleep disturbances, psychological withdrawal, and in some cases severe pain.
Its concluded that LSD has even helped people overcome their fear of death.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Physiology behind salivation before vomiting

Vomiting is a deliberate response by the body originally meant to be a mechanism to purge toxins or other foreign bodies from the stomach and esophagus. The problem is that stomach acid is highly acidic, and not too good to have anywhere in the body besides the stomach.
Therefore, without proper protection, vomiting can be harmful to the throat, mouth and teeth. That’s why we salivate before vomiting. It helps to dilute and rinse the acid as well as neutralize it due to its natural alkaline property. Of course when you’re repeatedly vomiting, this reflex sometimes fails to kick in so one feels weird sensation of taste and burning feel in tooth

Pattern of Breathing by Nostrils

There is a general pattern for which nostril a person breathes out of. Generally people switch the nostril they breathe out of every four hours. This can vary depending on your body position and nasal congestion, though. Richard Kayser, a nasal specialist, first recognized the“nasal cycle”in 1895. Your nose accomplishes the switch through erectile tissue in your nose.
The erectile tissue is, in ...
fact, similar to the erectile tissue found in the penis and clitoris. The erectile tissue swells in the nostril almost completely blocking the passage while the erectile tissue in the other nostril shrinks down, allowing you to breathe through it.
The nostril that you are breathing out of can greatly affect your brain and body, too! A study done revealed that breathing through your right nostril can greatly increase your blood glucose levels while breathing through your left nostril has the opposite effect.
Another study found that breathing through your right nostril makes you consume more oxygen than if you breathe through your left nostril.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

St. Mark's Cathedral, found in 1808, an very old church In Banglore.

 Church's Alter and Cross

 The Alter and The Dome

The Semicircular sanctum, which is well adored and which is very elegant

A table near the alter, very beautifully carved, made of rosewood

 A banner at the side of the alter, embroidered with a theological creature mentioned in (The Book Of Revelation) on it

 The Very Old Piano Of the church

Door of the church (from inside) which is well carved.