Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SanThome: Shrine Basilica

"My Lord and My God"
The Doubting Thomas, of a great Faith.

Pictures of The Basilica (exterior)

Beautiful Stairs leading to upstairs.

Magnificent  Architecture.

Inscription plates on the Shrine's floor.

Adoration in the Shrine.

SanThome: Tomb of St.Thomas The Apostle

SanThome: Relics of St.Thomas

SanThome: Apects which are around the Basilica

 Ancient rock with carved Cross on it

 Sundial, an ancient instrument.

Bellow are the pictures of flag pole and attached bell, at the top. Raised on the occasion of the 115th year of The Basilica.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Intresting Fact about how Pupils Dilate and Contract.

We know this,that pupils dilate in the dark for allowing more light to enter. But among the most interesting cause is pleasure,both physical and psychological.This includes when you find someone attractive.
The mind likes to look at attractive things.Another amazing aspect is, minds also see dilated pupils as being attractive.What’s interesting is that if you find someone unattractive, your pupils will contract.This isn’t exclusive to people though.
The pupils will also dilate when looking at anything visually pleasing: scenic nature, cute animals,good food and even interesting electronics.

Brain-dead people still have reflexes.

Brain-dead people still have reflexes.One of these is known as the Lazarus Sign,where a patient raises their arms in the air and folds them over their chest like an Egyptian mummy.The name comes from a bible passage where Jesus raised a man named Lazarus from the dead.The reflex is often preceded by shivering and goose bumps.
Then the patient will lift their forearms, followed by their upper arms, and then the arms fall,either touching or crossed over,towards the neck or chin.The reflex is similar to the knee jerk reflex,as neither requires brainpower to occur.

Post-coital tristesse (PCT)

PCT is a feeling of melancholy after having sexual intercourse. PCT is more common in men than it is in women. Many sufferers of PCT also feel strong anxiety for five minutes to two hours after sex. The term itself comes from the Latin post-coital and the French tristesse literally meaning sadness after sex. It is also known as depression after sex.

 The reason for the sadness is thought to be due to the loss of semen and the exhaustion the body faces after intercourse. Instead of feeling a relief, the body feels weakness and exhaustion. The Latin proverb“omne animal post coital triste”goes along with PCT and means“all animals are sad after sex.”

Aristotle and many other writers and poets have written of post-coital tristesse in their work. The hormone prolactin, used in making breastmilk, is also found in men and shoots sky high right after an orgasm. It skyrockets 400% more during sex than during masturbation, leading scientists to believe that intercourse is much more satisfying than masturbation.

The prolactin plateaus and you feel a lull in your emotions. It can also be an issue faced if one has sex with someone they don’t really care about, because of the intimate connection sex brings.