Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just For Once

Better than your memories; distance felt right
Life was lone; still it was worth that fight,
Even when it rains if the fields are away from its reach; what worth is that,
While you dont stand by me and mention not for me,
When you dont even fight or even desire for me,
Why shall i await for you then?

Every moment when i see myself, i find that one thing that i never understood; you,
Every place i go, i find one question asking who really am i,
But who was i, i knew his well, who was yours once,
I stood here as we once used to, but now the only one who is missing is just you,
I have just one question for all these,
If your intention was to break the heart, then why have you kept a heart in my chest?

Cant deny the truth that in a corner this heart longs for looking at you just for once,
My memories dwell on the words we said, where i still find my self alone,
I walk alone, look myself as just a part, fell as someone broken into two,
May be i want you back more than the questions you have left within me.

Your shadow lingers still in my eyes,
Inspite of all my efforts, i fail to depart from your thoughts,
These memories with you destroy me and create me,
You never left me nor let me go even now,
The ways we went through, sometimes seems unknown now to me,
Its hard for me to find myself through those ways,
Days seem to be filled with sorrow, everything around seem disappointed.

You never defined what was between us nor could i name it,
Dont make me long for you this long, dont make me feel so far away,
Dont leave my side, may be soon tears would be my only words.

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