Friday, December 16, 2011

If only ONE

If ONE ray of sun can inspire the day,
Then the stars itself can set your limits.

If just ONE person can make you feel the world within,
Then every person is also as valuable as a gift.

If in ONE blink the memories are flashed,
Then every dream are worth to be implemented to pile on those memories.

If ONE achieved success can forgive the mistakes and failures,
Then every obstacle is a path itself.

If ONE breath is enough to revive the hopes of living,
Then every moment is worthy to be lived rather than spent.

If ONE step can give giant leap to many,
Than every thought for greatness must be striven for.

Life is not a thing which can be taken for granted. And everything in life is not just an aspect .

But everything seen, dreamed, visualized, lived, spent, felt, many many more, are to be honored and treasured and to be determined on them fore acquiring more of it.

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