Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Accredited Psychiatry and Medicine Medical and Psychiatric Experts

How is an Objective Medical/Psychiatric Opinion Formed?

A medical expert is a physician who has the requisite clinical experience and academic achievement to form an objective medical opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty. A forensic psychiatrist is a physician who integrates clinical experience, knowledge of medicine, mental health, and the neurosciences to form an independent, objective opinion. Relevant data are gathered and analyzed as part of a process of alternative hypothesis testing to formulate an expert medical/psychiatric opinion. This expert opinion can be effectively communicated by written report, deposition, or courtroom testimony. The applications of forensic psychiatry are widespread in settings ranging from health care and the workplace to criminal justice and public safety.

Who Can Benefit?

A forensic psychiatrist/medical expert can assist individuals and institutions, plaintiffs and defendants, attorneys, federal agencies, and the courts to evaluate claims ranging from medical and mental health malpractice to disability and sexual harassment. Organizations can also benefit from an expert consultation evaluating the validity and response strategy to employment, supervisory responsibility, or maintenance of health care standards claims. Public safety and criminal justice professionals can also find forensic expert consultation effective in analyzing and preventing threats to security.

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